This project to the left, is based on seeing many photographs of soccer players receiving a high speed ball on their heads and using their heads as if it were a boot.  If you have photos you would like to share for free with your credit line below the photo to help move this idea forward, please let us know. 
This project is a labour of love for children and adults who may not want to have potential concussions and we hope the movement goes worldwide.
This space is dedicated to this project as a courtesy of Pricecheck.com because we believe it is important.
All the best on this project by all who participate, from your Associates at;
Entry Information We Require to Enter Your Team in the Header Helmet Open Competition.
Email address                                                                   Email address again please.
Picture of your team with full release to publish this picture.
Name of person who took the picture.
Name of your team.
Name of your Header Helmet for the competition. (Your brand name)
If there is a 3 D Image code you prefer to work with, please let us know as we are choosing a code for the Code Collaboration project and hope to have this decision made by August 21, 2019
Please send this information to info@pricecheck.com and we will plan to  respond after August 21 with entries at that time.  Best of luck with your team and we hope you have fun. 
If you would like to sponsor a team or be an overall sponsor of this Open Competition of Code Collaboration, please let us know as well.  Thank you.
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