**Pricecheck.com  History

Pricecheck was first trademarked in 1987 in both the United States and Canada by Pricecheck Services Limited, an Ontario, Canada Corporation.

The company invented a brand new industry by offering 'Fresh Market Surveys' with a focus on pricing for retail chains and manufacturers selling to retailers across Canada.

In 1989, when the Berlin Wall fell, Pricecheck began doing surveys in areas of the world that had been previously blocked by political walls and became an international 'Fresh Market Survey' company with 5,400 Affiliate offices worldwide, all through partnerships.

In 1994, the World Wide Web was born and Pricecheck.com was registered. At this time, Jerry Yang of Yahoo, then the worlds largest search engine, asked if Pricecheck could create a website for commerce listings as, at the time Yahoo did not want to offer this service. For this reason, Pricecheck opened the worlds first e-commerce portal in the world, Pricecheck.com.

In 1994, almost all banks in the world had been set up with a website address that was a cryptic name that no one could find. Almost all banks in every country worldwide, asked Pricecheck to create a link to their banks so the public could easily find them. We set up a search by country system for banking.

Businesses to these banks began applying to Pricecheck as well, and soon, more than 40,000 businesses had applied to be linked to Pricecheck, each by sending a fax signed copy for their application.  As the site grew organically, Pricecheck eventually had 4,800 individual pages, broken down by graphic icons to sort by country, industry, product, with a continuous drill down to the final site. Very organized by former students of the University of Waterloo who worked full time for Pricecheck after graduations.

Advertising banners were part of the founder of Pricechecks background, so Pricecheck began putting advertising banners on each of these pages and selling them up to $1,000/month per banner.  A new concept and very profitable.

In 1997, the founder of Pricecheck became a work from home mother and during this time, was asked by a new start up if it could manage Pricechecks ad banners which the founder agreed to. This was a huge error as these advertising managers took Pricechecks content, all of its Clients, invented a new advertising system based on newly invented bots and spiders, and basically walked away with Pricechecks business. Not a good decision but there were no internet laws back then. It was the wild west.

Pricecheck has had many experiences and too many to mention in this briefing but it still chugs along. We are thrilled with our Client relationships who we are  proud to be associated with an are enjoying every inch of the ride. A few grey hairs and a lot more wrinkles, but we continue along. If you want to know more, let us know but hopefully this satisfies where we came from.  Where are we going?  We shall see.

p.s. Yes, the barcode under the word, did scan PRICECHECK. in its technology of that day. Thank you Barcode Graphics.