Registration of your Website on  and @pricecheck welcomes your website being posted on this site if your company has the following;

1) Your company  produces or sells  quality items that are non perishable.

2) Your company  products are legal in all countries.

3) Your company is able to distribute its own product efficiently in a minimum of forty countries.

4) Your company is able to convert in the currencies of each country that your business distributes to.

5) Your company has  bricks and mortar pick up locations, allowing customers to order on line and pick up, independent of peoples homes or agrees to have us manage this for you with one of our pick up partners.

6) Your company is  incorporated and pay taxes in the country of the  full time residency of the CEO.

If your company complies with points 1-6,  and you would like to proceed with a link with, please contact us. 

A) There will be an annual fee for the listing, payable in Canadian Currency with a minimum listing price of CAD  that we look forward to negotiating  with you on application.

B) If we get complaints about your company as listed on our site, we will forward this information to your contact person. If the matter is not corrected within thirty business days with that complainant, Pricecheck will have the right to remove your listing without compensation.

C) If you would like the listing, please complete this form by pressing here. A Signing Officer signature is required. Send your 'Form to Complete' to and we will reply to your application.

We look forward to developing with you, a category website that offers the best products with the best prices in the world.


S. Penny
President, CEO and Founder.