Restricted Meals & Travel Requirements

When some celebrities are traveling constantly, and living in many different overnight accommodations,  they need to know the food  and drink they are consuming, is consistent to help maintain a normal metabolism, and that the environment they will be living in doesn't have allergic products in it, in advance of their arrival.  Pricecheck went on line and didn't see a simple outline for this, so is publishing a typical requirements list for example.

Suggested Process
1) Ask your guest, if they have any food, drink, medical, or living requirements. If yes, they will most likely have a list prepared for you.

2) Ask the Manager of the upcoming venue and  host of planned living arrangements  before accepting the event for your guest, if they can accommodate Restricted Meals and the etiquette that goes with this separated menu and if the living requirements can be accommodated. Receive an answer in writing before accepting the event. Email is fine.

3) Ask the venue hosting if they can please mark the place setting subtly so the mass serving system doesn't keep dropping restricted foods in front of your guest. Ask if the venue manager can advise the serving team that one person will manage the special menus with the marked place settings in the room.

4) Ask if the venue hosting can set a serving to match the same number of servings as the other guests, so your guest is not sitting with an empty plate while the others at the table wait for all to be served before they can all start.  This can be very embarrassing when everyone at the table is sitting, watching and wondering why this person doesn't have any food and is served something that is flamboyant beside the other dishes.  Your guest may suddenly excuse themselves to the washroom to avoid the embarrassment of all eyes on them.

Sample Restricted Meal Requirements

Hello Chef. Thank you for accommodating my guest for the event posted above.  Can you please work with the following and ensure with the designated server, my guest recieves something in front of them at the same time and with every serving the rest of the table receives?  Please contact me when you have questions and reply either way, you received this message. Here are foods my guest can have for you to work with. Thank you again for doing this.
No Sauces, no sulphites. Yes to room temperature water or apple Juice. Chinese green tea with Jasmine. Fresh fish, tuna, swordfish, lobster, crab, calimari, shrimp, scallops. All fresh meats. No processed meats and no sauces, soya sauce or MSG and no salt added. No veal and no liver. Yes to roasted nuts without salt, goat cheeses, prefer hard cheeses. No cow cheeses unless lactose free. Yes to red wines*only and wines sulphite additive free such as a good Malbec, Rioja or Valpolicello. Most vegetables except no tomatoes, sweetpotatoes, cucumber, green peppers, onions, leeks, garlic or raw leaf greens.  Yes  to cooked leaf greens  such as steamed spinach or beet greens.  Small amounts of Arugula are ok. Cooked parsnips, squash, green beans, cauliflower, broccolli, corn, potatoes, parsnips, yam (small amounts) peas, carrots, avocados, asparagus. * Please allow us a corkage fee to bring a clearly marked bottle for your bar to serve our guest. For questions, contact 'name' phone number, email address.

Chef  who is preparing the meal, often doesn't have time to read details as they are busy with the bigger menu, so keep it simple and concise and large enough print for them to read without their glasses on. Here is a sample request.

Guest name. First name, last name, Name of Event, Date of event. Host name of the table they are sitting at. Please mark this setting as 'Special Meal." Contact name and phone number/email for questions.

For living accommodations, your world traveling  guest may have additional requirements such as a safe drinking water source, no feathered quilts, no synthetics in bedding, couch covers for their dog, and french press coffee with non allergic milks, roasted salt free nuts and mandarins,bananas, peanut butter,  whole grain breads, oatmeal. raisins, and Dads cookies** on hand at all times.  These sensitivities to your guest comforts, will allow them a great visit and to be able to travel, healthy, happy and ready for their next engagements worldwide. **No. this is not an advertisement. Just an example that brand counts with special requirements.

Living Accommodations