How To Wear Ski Poles and Reasons for Doing This

I ski at Blue Mountain Ski Resort in Ontario, Canada  and  am amazed at how few people wear their ski poles.  There are reasons for wearing them rather than having the straps wobble in the wind.

1) For Safety. If you have your ski straps on, you cannot possibly stick yourself with the end of your pole. This is handy when crashing, as it is nice to keep your eyeballs.

2) For Convenience. If you ever crash in deep powder or fall at the top of the hill and slide to the bottom of the hill, you still have your poles.

3) For Better Skiing- by having your straps on correctly, you get a better push off when skiing, whether you are skating across a flat, turning around a pole or pushing yourself from a starting gate. A correctly worn ski strap gives you an advantage when skiing.

In my past, I was the Ski School Coordinator at Blue Mountain and all of our Instructors were trained to teach skiers how to wear ski poles and why.

For simplicity, I am writing how to do this so if interested, great.

1.) Your ski pole will have an adjustable strap. This strap may have a  pin on the top where you slide the handle off by putting it in hot water and then sliding back on, a buckle or some sort of adjustment method. Look at your poles and figure it out.

2) To adjust your  poles,  have your glove on. I don't in these pictures for better contrast.

3) Hang the strap and put your hand up through the bottom of the strap.

4) Put your hand over the strap so you are gripping both the strap and the handle.

5) When gripped with your gloves on, punch your pole into the  ground.  The top of the pole handle should be flush with the top of your hand.

6) To get the top of your hand with your glove on, flush with the top of the pole, you will need to adjust the strap.

7) As the strap shapes to your hand and glove over time, you will find a right and left pole preference begins to develop.

We at,,, and @pricecheck wish you a happy day with your poles, whether cross country skiing,  downhill skiing or  hiking with ski poles.

Happy trails and when you are booking a hotel room for your next ski trip,  please consider giving a try.

Have fun!