Invented, molded and made in Canada. Not bad Eh?

For the first time, towels can hang in strong winds or on rocky boats and  hold on tight with the Worlds First Successful Outdoor Towel Holder™.  Each Marbite™  Indoor/Outdoor Towel Holder is built with strong Polypropolene Fiberglass (PPF) to endure tough  Canadian climates and hot Florida sunshine.  It's the same plastic mix as barbecue parts.  A stainless steel screw inside makes them ocean salt water strong and we can build them in all Pantone™ colours.  This is a C change product.  Towels wash in the rain, dry in the sun, fluff in the wind. A huge time saver. Be there first. If you have outdoor enthusiasts as your customer base, we believe there is no going back. Also great for indoor use. See

Each guest has their own hook. Each Barrista has a towel handy. Two hands up in front of a marble, One hand off to the side. Easy Peasy.  Even those who never try anything new, love it once they have tried it.  Show your customers something new.

The Worlds First Successful Outdoor Towel Holder!

Marbite, Towel Holders at Bed Bath and Beyond

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